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< form >

General info

The form tag is still the only way that information is passed from the user to the web site (server) to be processed. There are eight (8) different tags that can be used with the < form > tag. Here we are going to go over some of the basic tags and attributes that I have used so far.

What the tag looks like

<form action="/examples-html/form-tags.php" method="post" autocomplete="on" name="myForm" > </form>

In between the form tags you can put the 8 different form controls.


  • < form
    • method="post | get" /* either 'POST' or 'GET' this is how the form info is past to other pages */
    • action="actionPage.html" /* the page that will process the information past by the form */
    • name="myForm" /* the Name of the form to be used by other script */
    • autocomplete="on | off" /* Will help you to fill in forms with previus info */
    • >
  • < /form >