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What I am doing here

This website is a place where I can work and test out my theory's and code to improve my understanding of what I am working on and create better projects in the future.


HTML = Hypertext Markup Language
Every website uses HTML is one way or another. They may use it wexclusivally as there code or just as specific elemnts. Either way all information that is outputted to the browser is going to be in HTML as the server side code (php, asp, ColdFusion, etc...) is processed on the server than diplayed as straight HTML on your local computer. For one of the best resources on this and other tag questions you can check out


CSS = Cascading Style Sheets
This is used to style the look and formating of your pages. Once you decide that there is something that you want to put on the web or even just an xml file on your computer you woudl include CSS styling to make it more presentable and in some cases readable. I will be adding a LINK here that will show what this page looks like with out any css added to it in the future.


PHP = PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
I know this seems odd as the acronym is part of the definition as the acronym. The original meaning of php was 'Personal Home Page'


SQL = Structured Query Language
The My in MySQL is named after co-founder Monty Widenius's daughter, My.This is the worlds 2nd most popular open source system for databases.

css html php